2 thoughts on “Nikos Margaritelis”

  1. Daniela Caporossi

    Nice work.
    – How many subjects in each group?
    – Was F2-isoprostanes evaluated at basal level and/or after the testing? What about the timing?
    – Did you verify the daily physical activity levels during the interventation protocol?

    1. Nikos Margaritelis

      Thank you very much for the questions.
      – There were 12 subjects in each group.
      – F2-isoprostanes were evaluated at basal level. Acute changes in response to the exercise testing were not measured. We actually performed 4 different exercise tests and was therefore difficult to have the “ideal” time point for such a measurement.
      – Yes. Our participants were recreationally active individuals (approximately 1.2 to 1.4 h per week) and the questionnaires that they filled [Wareham et al. (2003)] regarding their daily physical activity levels did not yield any difference between the three groups.

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