About Belgrade

Welcome to Belgrade, city that has been a MEETING POINT for centuries among different civilisations.
METROPOLIS OF RIVERS with more than 100 boat restaurants and floating discotheques docked along 220 km of river banks makes Belgrade one of a kind capital in Europe. Enjoy the river lifestyle as well as the industrial heritage site now presenting the hot spot to be. From the street buzz and crowded cafes to the peaceful and royal courts and oasis just minutes away, you will experience Belgrade’s COSMOPOLITAN LIFESTYLE. Relax after the meeting day in one of numerous cafes downtown.

The FUSION OF CULTURES is best expressed in the Serbian traditional cuisine, music and folklore. Make sure you visit one of famous taverns along XIX century old street for the never before experienced performance of live tambourine orchestra, traditional snaps and barbeque. And, the best of all, you don’t have to pay attention to whether is it day or night, cause the MAGIC NEVER STOPS.
Referring to the city’s nightlife the Lonely Planet Guide named Belgrade “ONE OF EUROPE 10 HOT SPOTS” and Sunday Times declared Belgrade “A NEW CAPITAL OF COOL”.

The SOULFOOD, best Serbian cuisine will drive you through the emotions and experiences. Food in Serbia  is organic, and using the traditional recipes. The language of food, just like the language of flowers and other niceties of nonverbal communication, is easy on the ear and long in the memory.

Located just minutes from venue and city center Ada Lake is real oasis of Belgrade. Among rivers side, lake, forest, 8 km long beach is a perfect place to escape from the  the city buzz. From golf, to water skiing, over café relaxing and nature environment, to the hidden restaurants.

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