Abstract Form

Before you start

Know the order of authors and collaborators including full first names (no initials) and last names
Proofread abstract
Check abstract length (max. 200 words + title + authors + affiliation).

Proof Your Abstract

Proof your abstract before submitting it!
Check your abstract length (max. 200 words + title + authors + affiliation).
Check the spelling of everyone’s name.
Make edits before starting the process.

Abstract Submission Checklist

To speed up the submission process and avoid errors, have this information ready:
Title of your abstract
Order of authors and collaborators including full first names (no initials) and last names
Length of your abstract
Draft of the abstract body
In the Abstract Form, participants should select the form of presentation – poster, oral, and poster or oral
The deadline for submitting abstracts is April 10, 2021. Abstracts that are submitted for poster or oral presentation will be subject to an evaluation process by an international review panel.
Notification of acceptance of abstracts, as well as decisions on the form of presentation (poster or oral) will be sent to Authors no later than May 10, 2021.

Guidelines for poster presentations

A numbered panel will be allocated for each poster (separate from the abstract number you have been assigned) and staff will be on hand at the conference to provide your poster panel number. The organizers provide all equipment and tools to mount your poster to the board at the conference venue. The display area for each poster on the panel of the poster board is 120cm high by 80cm wide. Please ensure that your poster does not exceed this size.

Guidelines for oral presentations

Presentations should be prepared in Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation (.pptx) and saved to a USB and handed in at the Conference Office, preferably the day before presentation and no later than the session before your presentation.
Please name your PowerPoint file using the time of your presentation (24-h format) followed by your surname, e.g. 9.30_Tomas.pptx.
If you have videos or audio they must be embedded in the presentation and we strongly advise that you upload and test your presentation well before your slot in the Programme.

Abstract Form